DV4mobile – Tutti i modi digitali in una unica radio veicolare

E da un pò che circolano informazioni in merito a questo “vaso di pandora” 🙂 dei radioamatori, ne riporto alcune (se la commercializzazione è giĂ  in atto non saprei – da questo sito è dato per disponibile dal 2018.

Fonte: http://qrznow.com

DV4mobile – first all mode digital tri band transceiver plus LTE with GPS
DV4mobile – first all mode digital tri band transceiver plus LTE with GPS


  • The DV4mobile supports all digital modes: no need for multiple radios, saving space and money.
  • It is programmed from the cloud: no need for programming and updating code plugs.
  • It is a software defined radio: future modes are just an update away.
  • The DV4mobile is another member of the successful family of DV4 products.It operates in the 2 meter band, at 222 MHz and the 70cm band.

    All modes are supported: C4FM, D-Star, DMRplus, dPMR, P25 (NXDN later via software update)Voice over LTE and of course, FM!

    C4FM both narrow and wide band modes


    DMRplus (TS1 all / TS2 Reflectors or talkgroups)

    dPMR(All Systems and codecs transparent mode)

    P25(Phase 1 Only and all NAC transparent mode)

    FM with PL and DCS tones and RDS for call sign transmission in the background

    DV4LTE is a new voice over LTE mode that connects the radio to the reflector using an LTE connection.

  • After a reset or with a new radio all settings are downloaded after entry of the CCS7 number.
  • When no repeaters are in range, the radio can revert to LTE (DV4LTE) for reflector connection (i.e. between metropolitan areas)

    The GPS module provides location data for APRS and automatic display of repeaters in range. When a repeater is selected, frequency and mode is already in the radio, no programming!

    Simplex repeater mode

    The DV4mobile can also be used as a dual band, dual mode simplex repeater.

    For example you can use it as a D-Star repeater on 2m and simultaneously as a DMR repeater on 70cm while conducting FM QSO on 222 MHz (USA version only)

    The extreme temperature range from -40C to +85C ensures functionality even under the most extreme conditions

    Frequency range (USA)

    144-148 MHz, 222-225 MHz, 420-450 MHz

    Output power

    2 x 20W simultaneously


    FM, D-Star, C4FM, DMR+,,dPMR,P25*,NXDN*, DV4LTE


    DTMF, Electret with modular connector

    Antenna N


    3.5 mm, stereo 2 x 4W at 8 Ohms

    Connectors via adapter cable and 2 x 12 pin connectors:

    RJ-45 via adapter 10/100 MBit/s



    External Monitor


    Internal display

    240 x 320 pixel, 262k color


    10.5-15V, 5A


    Antenna combined into main antenna

    Temperature range:

    -40C – + 85C

    * via license and software upgrade
    All data is preliminary and subject to engineering changes.
    Made in USA

    Price: Available in 4th Quarter 2016